About the company
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ROGUM s.r.o.
Tvarůžkova 2739
Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
756 61
Czech Republic

tel.: +420 777 182 710

Technical manager:
+420 777 709 472


About our company

Rogum was originated in 2001. From the very beginning the production has had 3-shift operation. At present the company employs 39 people. In 2008 it reached the turnover of 60 million Kč. In the same year it got a grant from the EU fund with general investment of 33 million Kč.


Rogum is engaged in production of rubber seal components, technical rubber, silicon products, extruded products and sections, injection products and silent blocks and last but not least production of rubber car mats. Our portfolio amounts to cca 800 kinds of products. In 2007 we obtained ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates (management system and environmental management system certificates).


The company is self-sufficient and independent in the area of development of materials and mixture formulas, it carries out its own construction of forms and instruments and takes part in development of all new products with the customer.


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